Wage Love Detroit Launches fundraising effort for Homeless and Nepal

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In April and May of 2015, Nepal eperienced a series of earthquakes, in some areas it has been reported that 95% of the structures were demolished.
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A fellow activist community member was reached out to by some Nepalese that had hosted him during his past travels — WageLoveDetroit has setup a program to help provide socks and hats for our homeless community here in the local Detroit area.

When you purchase our high-quality products from Nepal, you not only treat yourself to some of the world’s best and warmest wool, but you also contribute to the Nepalese people via our direct distributorship relations.

WageLove is not only our brand but also our mission – it is the reason we do what we do,
and your purchase will help enable us to keep doing it!

It is with humility and reverence that the people of Nepal have reached out to us directly in an effort to practice the philosophy of Waging Love they’ve heard about spawning here in Detroit… they want to help us help ourselves and help them in the process — in other words, Overcome Together!
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Help keep your loved ones heart warm this winter — and set the tone for Christmas by having your purchase go directly to help Nepal recover from their earthquakes (as well as helping the homeless here)…

Buy a lush cashmere sweater in their favorite color today!

प्रेममा जारी
Wage Love

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